About GCM Fund

Investors tend to think of portfolio diversification as investing across various sectors within equities and fixed income. In our opinion, relying on stocks and bonds alone may provide inadequate portfolio diversification, which may lead to lower risk-adjusted returns. This is due to the high correlations (low diversification) across most sectors of the stock market, and broad based stock indices such as the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ. This is illustrated on ‘The Matrix’ menu item.

GCM Fund provides ‘true diversification’ through the inherent diversity of global futures markets and by taking advantage of time arbitrage to generate low correlated, risk-efficient returns. The Fund is designed to be resilient through periods of market uncertainty — we prioritize risk management, capital preservation and consistent return generation in up or down markets.

The underlying investment strategy combines a fundamentally-driven, global macro approach, robust risk management and the portfolio managers’ 30-years of combined financial markets experience.

GCM Fund is based on the discretionary global macro investment program founded in 2014 by AG Capital, which is only available to institutional investors at a minimum investment of $5 million. GCM Fund makes the same strategy available directly to accredited investors and through independent RIA firms with a minimum investment of $200,000.

Global Capital Markets Fund, LP (GCM Fund) is a SEC Reg D 506(c) investment fund. GCM Fund is managed by Global Capital Markets Fund Management, LLC.

Our Core Values

  • Balance

    Our strategy strives to balance overall investment portfolio risk and return. This balance includes risk management techniques focused on providing non-correlation with traditional stock & bond investments.


    We believe in partnering with advisors & investors to help deliver a more holistic portfolio experience. Consistent portfolio risk adjusted returns lead to improved overall investor experience and satisfaction.

  • Transparency

    We establish and maintain trust with our clients through regular communication. Our monthly letter outlines our positions and thoughts in real-time. We are also available to speak with advisors & investors on an individual basis to answer questions.


    The investment managers have a significant portion of their liquid net worth invested in the same positions & strategy as our clients. This aligns investors’ & managers’ goals around portfolio risk adjusted performance.