Why GCM.Fund

Why Invest in GCM Fund?

  • We are driven by a tactical, truly ‘go-anywhere’, long/short investment program.
  • We are focused on generating absolute return, mitigating investment risk and providing True Diversification.
  • Our strategy is consistent, has low correlation to other strategies and has strong historical performance.
  • We are aligned with the interests of our clients – the portfolio managers have a significant portion of their liquid assets invested in the strategy.
  • Our strategy applies institutional best practices.
  • Our relationships are based on transparency, communication and trust.
  • Our #1 priority is client satisfaction – we are committed to applying our knowledge, innovation and intelligence to achieve excellence for our clients and our business.

Our Value Proposition

  • Sustainable, repeatable investment process that consistently generates profits.
  • Classic, discretionary long/short global macro investing style.
  • Strategy designed to lower overall portfolio risk and increase returns when added to traditional portfolios.
  • High transparency — our thought process is explained in person and in our letters.
  • Strategy can take long and short positions across all markets.
  • 30 years of experience in the markets.
  • Exceptional fundamental analysis.
  • Controlled risk-taking.